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by Styled by Liz, July 09, 2019

Hey friends!

Over a week ago I said I was going to keep up my blog and obviously that didn't happen! LOL. Being a mom of 2, wife, business owner, and trying to juggle all 3 really keeps me crazy busy! Don't get me wrong, I love every second of it, but more often than not I find myself incredibly overwhelmed.

Anyhow, I wanted to pop on here this morning and just tell you all a little bit about my journey with Emmer & Oat and how I got started.

In 2013 my husband was deployed while in the Marine Corps. He was heading out on an 8 month deployment and leaving while I was 6 months pregnant with our first child! It was seriously a crazy scary time for me, not only was I about to lose my husband for 8 months, have to move to NY to stay with family, but I was also about to become a first time mom and raise our baby on my own for the first 6 months! Let's talk about super scary!!!

To pass the time while Marcus was gone I decided that I would learn to crochet a baby blanket. I dabbled a little bit crocheting when I was like 12, so I thought, "how hard can this be?". HA! Was I in for super shock! Crocheting is hard y'all! It took me so long to figure out how to keep the darn crochet stitches straight, but I was determined to make the dang thing! Flash forward 3 months into making the purple baby blanket AND.... I never finished it!

In May of 2013 I went 2 WEEKS over my due date! If any of you have ever gone over your due date you know how terrible it can be. I swear I didn't think I could stretch out anymore. My OB finally decided it was enough and scheduled me to be induced.

May 17th, 2018 I was finally induced! I was terrified! I didn't have Marcus with me and I could only communicate with him via FB messenger and with choppy phone calls. The morning they induced me I was ready to get the dang show on the road! Contractions started pretty much immediately. They started the induction at 7am and let me tell you, when those contractions hit, I was in so much pain! By 9pm they decided that I wasn't progressing enough, so they stopped the process! OK, so that meant I went through all that pain just for them to stop?! The contractions stopped just as quickly as they came. They decided it would be better to start again the next morning. O.M.G, WHYY!?! Straight torture!

The next morning came and we started the process over. 34 hours of labor later and I was ready to get her out!  I remember my mom having Marcus on speaker during the final moments and it almost felt like he was there with me...almost.

Once I left the hospital I took Annabelle home and patiently waited 6 MONTHS until Marcus was finally back and able to meet his daughter!

Snapshots of my time alone with Annabelle

By far my favorite photo! He finally was able to Skype with us!

In November 2013 Marcus FINALLY came home! 

Waiting to meet daddy!

The next few months were a total blur. I was getting used to having Marcus back and he was getting used to being a daddy. For the 6 months while he was gone I learned to be incredibly independent. I turned into a Mom and my life changed. For Marcus, he knew he had a daughter, but the reality of it wasn't there until he was finally home and he was able to hold her. You can only imagine the stresses and learning curves we both went through!

These two are now totally best friends!

In 2014 we decided we would move to NY to be closer to family. We ended up staying for just 1 year (I hate the cold!) before we moved back to North Carolina. It was during that 1 year in NY that I took up crocheting again. This time I was making headbands, crochet bralettes, and even started designing and making my own jewelry and tops. I decided to take a leap and open an Etsy shop to see if I could possibly sell my items.

I sold my first item within the first week of my store being open! I was so excited and decided to keep pushing harder and creating more and more styles... the rest is history!

Although it was hard, Marcus being gone helped shape and mold us both into stronger people. It helped me realize my passion for creating and showed me that I could do anything I worked hard for!

Thank you all for sticking around to read this!

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