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in , by Styled by Liz, February 25, 2020

Finally! So many of you have been asking me to share my top beauty products and today I am doing that for you! These are the products I use everyday. I will make this short, sweet, and to the point -- :)

Best Foundation

Nars has been one of my all time favorite brands. Their products never disappoint! This year I tried out their Natural Radiant longwear foundation and I fell in love! I am a HUGE believer in a glow finish versus matte and this product gives me just that. The best part is that a little will go a long way and gives you that full coverage you want! 

Best Primer
This primer is by far the best ones I have used. I use it before all my photoshoots for a soft air brushed look. It goes on very smooth, has a slight tint which is super awesome because it allows you to wear it a lone as a small coverage. I have a hard time with primers and this is the first one I have found that doesn't cause breakouts -- major win! 

Best Mascara 
I must admit, I am super picky with mascara and constantly change brands searching for the best product to use. This year I discovered It Cosmetics Superhero mascara -- it gives a nice natural look to the lashes without looking clumpy. It doesn't smudge or run compared to others I have used. I just recently picked up their new Lash Blowout and so far I am really loving it -- it's just too early to tell if it will become my favorite. (like I said, totally a mascara snob - lol!)

Best Lip Plumper
Oh my gosh! If you are a follower of my social channels you have already heard me rave about my new found obsession with Buxom Lip Plumper - y'all this plumper not only WORKS to plump the lips, but they have so many color options AND they offer a plumping lipstick instead of the gloss. I'm addicted and fully stand by this product. I also suffer from very sensitive lips and most products will cause me to have extreme reactions that result in overly dry lips -- this product does not do that!

Best Bronzer
Alright babes, this bronzer is by far my ultimate fave! I have literally been using it for 4+ years. I love it because not only is the color always on point, but it seriously last me up to 6 months! A little of this product will go a long way -- you definitely need to add it to your beauty routine.

Best Liquid Eyeshadow
I was a bit skeptical to test out liquid eyeshadow -- I mean, wouldn't it just crease and rub off? NOPE! The Stila Liquid Eyeshadow has completely transformed my makeup routine. It's super easy to apply, the colors are gorgeous, and the slight sheen adds a youthful glow. My favorite shades right now are the Rose Gold Retro and Starlight.

Best Brows
The Anastasia Dipbrow gel is a super easy way to bring your brows to life! This product features a waterproof formula and adds volume creating a fuller look to your existing brows. Plus, it's so dang easy to use! -- for my brows I use the color taupe.

I hope this was a fun read for you. Below you can see all the products and shop them directly. 
As always, if you have any questions you can leave a comment or send me an email. Thank you for sticking around!


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